Rap Legend Myka 9 Returns In Collaborative Album With Adriatic

In Motion, the first collaborative full length between conscious legend Myka 9 and Automatic Records producer Adriatic. Upon first listen, it is a rap album with modern enthusiasm and authentic wordplay. Songs like “All Seeing” and “In My Reality” exemplify how conscious rap can be fun. On the other hand, “Granted” shows the duo’s ability to break the norm to show a sensitive side of appreciation and gratitude. 
As a co-founder of the hip-hop group Freestyle Fellowship, Myka 9 is widely recognized as one of the most stylistically advanced rappers of the last 30 years. His first real break was in the 1980s when he received the opportunity to be a lyrical ghost writer on N.W.A's first compilation N.W.A and The Posse. He then had the opportunity to collaborate with major acts such as The Wailers, Carmen Carter, The Last Poets, and as a trio with Project Blowed affiliates Aceyalone and Abstract Rude (as Haiku d’état). Today, Myka champions his often-imitated, yet never-duplicated lyrical style around the world. He is known for his rapid-fire, jazz-influenced, melodic rapping, and often incorporates singing and occasional scatting into his songs. 
Adriatic developed a distinct sound by making a whole lot out of just a little. Coming from a multi-ethnic midwestern background, he grew up in the era where the bridge between hip-hop and pop music became more intentional. By blending analog synthesizers, sp-202 sampling and live instrumentation, Adriatic has become the uncontested architect of Neo Trip-Hop. Adriatic became the youngest performer to play their original music at Soundset, the world’s largest Hip-Hop festival, in 2014. Without a doubt, Adriatic plans to keep things in motion through the new decade.

In Motion is available online via Spotify, Apple Music and also as a limited edition cassette tape and CD format.

"While the popular history of Los Angeles rap in the early 1990s focuses largely on the splintered remains of N.W.A, DJ Quik, and the just-arrived 2Pac, the story of the city’s scene cannot be told without pausing for a while on Project Blowed, and on Freestyle Fellowship. The Blowed was one of the most legendary open mics in the history of rap on either coast, and became a sort of shorthand for a style and an ideology. The Fellowship was a quartet formed by four of the Blowed’s transcendent talents: Self Jupiter, P.E.A.C.E., Aceyalone, and Myka 9. (Legend has it that Myka ghostwrote two songs on N.W.A and the Posse — that’s the album from 1987, before they put out Straight Outta Compton.) In the new century, his career has been spotty in terms of recognition but he’s consistently inventive; he’ll pop up with small side projects or on other rappers’ records and sound like he’s reinvented the wheel. In Motion pairs him with Adriatic, a producer from Minneapolis barely out of his teens, whose beats have enough air and negative space to let Myka bury inside and extrapolate from the sound of popping fish grease."

- Paul Thompson, VULTURE

"Freestyle Fellowship OG Myka 9 has linked with burgeoning Minneapolis producer Adriatic (real name Adrian Williams) for a new collaborative album titled In Motion. Comprised of nine tracks, the project balances Myka’s gift for inventive wordplay with Williams’ melodic production, easily propelling their momentum forward."

- Kyle Eustice, HIP-HOP DX



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